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Fabulous Fall & Winter 2019 Trends

Even though fall technically started a while ago, it is just now starting to cool down in Texas, and just like the weather I’m a little late to the game. As I was switching my closet from summer to fall, I started thinking about all the FAB fall trends I’m wanting to buy this year. I’m obsessed with this year’s trends and here are just a few that I plan on implementing this season.

Suit Up

The female suit epitomizes this past decade of feminism. Boss babes are not only just playing the part, they’re looking it too. It’s time to suit up because you know what they say, work hard, slay hard. But the power suit is now making an appearance outside the working world. Try rocking one to your next formal or night out to spice things up.

Bundled Ballerinas

Words cannot express how overjoyed I am that the ballerina and midi-length skirt is not going anywhere. This was one of my favorite summer trends when I was abroad in Paris. Transition this newest trend to fall by pairing it with a blouse and blazer (maybe even a scarf if you’re feeling bougie) to bundle up for the incoming temperature drop.

Military Hues & Structure

Camo reigns on for a 3rd year in a row and utility structured clothing is having its moment. Militaristic hues are more popular than ever, adding an interesting element to any fall outfit!

Wild Side

Animal print’s extravagant appeal has found a soft spot in my heart this year. I used to find animal print trashy. Now I find it sexy. So, I’m planning on riding this wave as long as it lasts. Make your outfit ~roar~ with animal print sweater or shoes.

Say Hello to Sequins

My Justice-shopping 9-year-old self is screaming. Spice up any outfit with sequins but scratch that monkey logo. The 80s are making a come back with sequins and metallic fabrics. Try these flashy touches to your day outfits, perfect for any darty.

Shearling Chic

Last year’s reintroduction of shearling in teddy coats prevail. Get comfortable this fall with shearling details on the inside of your jean jackets for a comfort chic look. Or a touch of shearling on your bag of choice this season for an unexpected cozy element.