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My Aerie Ambassador Training Experience

Looking from the outside-in, the fashion industry can be extremely intimidating. At first glance, I was terrified to enter an industry that has such a huge reputation for being filled with size 0 cut-throat barbie dolls. Except when I actually opened my mind to following my love for fashion, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not entering the set of Devil Wears Prada. Instead, I am surrounded by hardworking uplifting women who share my interest for fashion and love for helping others. A huge part of this, has been my experience as an Aerie Brand Ambassador. Aerie is redefining the fashion industry into a an inclusive atmosphere that celebrates both inner and outer beauty.

Me and 75 other Aerie Brand Ambassadors were given the chance to receive training at the American Eagle Headquarters, so this August I got the opportunity to fly out to Pittsburgh for my job training.

The training was an experience of a lifetime. We were introduced to the whole Aerie staff from social media managers all the way to the CEO. Throughout the entire trip, the women emphasized how important it is to make Aerie a brand where women from all over can see real women just like them wearing the products. Aerie’s message of body inclusivity and diversity was rooted in all their staff which was apparent in their consistent positivity.

Pittsburgh was an amazing city to visit, and I am so fortunate I got the chance to meet all the other Aerie ambassadors. I met so many intelligent and motivating women while on the trip, and I am lucky that I get to call them my friends. It is incredible how the internet has the power to bring people together and spread positive vibes. Overall, I feel so incredibly lucky I was able to learn and connect with a brand that is doing such important work within the fashion community.


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