StyleCon Dallas

Let’s talk fashion ladies. More importantly, let’s talk about the business of fashion.

A new wave has hit the fashion industry. Bit by bit the fashion world is becoming a place for other women in the industry to empower one another, and StyleCon is where the magic is all happening. StyleCon is creating a platform for influencers, followers, entrepreneurs and others within the industry to network, connect, and inspire.

Me & Tiffany Hendra – founder of Sanctuary of Style
Sophie McGuire (creator of the Much Love Sophie blog)

 The event consisted of a panel of boss women within the industry  and was hosted by Tiffany Hendra, founder of Sanctuary of Style. Sophie McGuire (from Much Love Sophie), Irene Martino (CoFounder of StyleCon), Shelby Foster (PR Director at NorthPark), & Cindy Pierce (Buyer at Stanley Korshak) gave insightful commentary about the effects technology has within the fashion industry today. In addition, they tackled topics such as entering the “over-saturated” blogging world and the importance of creating an authentic brand for yourself.

Shelby Foster, Irene Martino, Sophie McGuire, Cindy Pierce, Tiffany Hendra

So after being inspired by these women,  I want to challenge all my readers to use your lady balls this week and do one thing that adds positivity and passion in your life. Whether it be in your career, personal life, or relationship, empower yourself to actively live the life you love.



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