Sweet Tooth Hotel

The Sweet Tooth Hotel was just what you would expect: a child’s and any self respecting instagrammer’s dream land. It felt like we had jumped inside of Candy Land the board game for an hour, and my childhood self had me begging to never leave. Only in town for a little over a month, my friends and I had to book our reservation months in advanced to see this Dentist’s worst nightmare. We played, goofed around, but most importantly took pictures to share with all of you.

Upon check in at the front desk of the hotel, we were given a key to check in to the hotel and start our tour. The tour showed us around the five differently themed rooms within the hotel, each one better than the last.

I found my inner peace in the Sunset Lounge where the red mood lighting made me want to light a candle and have Sam Smith playing in the background. Next, was the Sprinkle Spa, and its aesthetic was giving me all sorts of Madonna Material Girl vibes. Then, we went into the Dream Suite which led into the Candy Cuisine room. Both rooms were filled interesting details that added to the sugar land theme like macaroon chandeliers and icing covered tables!

The most interesting room was the Surprise Room, 360 covered in neon stuffed animals. The best part? The entrance was from the kitchen fridge! After it all, I left with good memories, a sugar rush, and a blue tongue – just like kindergarten all over again.











Sweet Tooth Hotel has a new 1955 themed exhibit this holiday season! Be sure to check it out since tickets are selling out fast!




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