Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

With the holidays coming in full swing, it can be hard to take the time to find an outfit for Thanksgiving amongst all the final preparations. Most college students are having to worry about cramming in last minute assignments before their flights back home. Not to mention that the act of finding an outfit can be an assignment in itself.  Trust me. I get it can be a lot, so I put together a list of some outfit ideas based on this seasons top trends.

Slip Dress | Snake Skin | Leopard Print

Snake Print Mini

In case you haven’t noticed, animal prints are HUGE this fall, so hop on the band wagon and embrace your inner party animal 😉 Try pairing a dress with a long sleeve turtle neck and a pair of booties to perfect the look & keep you warm.

Front Zip Dress

***PSA*** No school work is necessary to obtain the perfect school girl look! Wearing plaid will have all your relatives thinking you’re an accomplished college girl while still looking FAB.

Plaid Dress | Plaid Skirt

Brown is back. Neutral earth tones are here to stay, and it just so happens to fit the whole Thanksgiving animal print aesthetic.

Faux Leather | High-waisted Corduroy

Last but not least…SHOES! Western, Metallic, White, Classic…you name it, stores got it, & you’ll rock it!

Black Cowboy | Olivia Leather | Snake Western | Gunmetal Front Zip | Black Crocodile

DON’T FORGET things can get a little snug outfit wise by the end of the evening so look for outfits that are comfortable & have wiggle room. Do yourself a favor & give yourself the extra room. Your future food baby will thank you later.




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