The Best Beauty Secrets I learned from my Brazilian Mother

20 years of beauty secrets from the most beautiful women I know.

1. Always wear sunscreen. Always.

The first step in fast tracking aging is by not wearing SPF.

2. Never forget about your neck.

Moisturizer. Foundation. Everything. It makes a huge difference.

3. Don’t dye your hair until you absolutely have to.

Once grey hairs start, they never stop. So give your hair a break until you have to start dying the grey hairs every month.

4. A little lipstick goes a long way.

Never leave the house without it. My mother loves a bright red.

5. Eye cream is non-negotiable after you turn 18.

(If not at 18 then earlier)

6. Water cures everything but cancer. Start drinking.

Staying hydrated helps your skin, hair and mood. Drink up!

7. Confidence

Laugh lines, pimples and stretch marks are all apart of life. Accept them. Love them. You will be better for it.

8. If you can’t see your own beauty, get a new mirror.

The mirror you have now is clearly broken.

9. Perfume is key.

Anyone who smells good is instantly more attractive – no questions asked.

#10 “Age is a minor detail. You can be beautiful and sexy at any age.”

Andrea Almeida

11. Always apply hair oil and conditioner to wet hair.

12. Don’t tie wet hair because it causes breakage.

13. Never leave peeled or chipped nail polish on.

Clean nails trump chipped nails any day.

14. Invest in yourself $$$

Face masks, hair masks, laser hair removal, waxing, lymphatic messages and more… No one said it would be cheap – but I am worth it, and so are you.

15. A wrinkly neck and hands give away your age more than your face – keep them moisturized!

My mother always keeps an assortment of hand cremes at her bedside table to lather on at night before going to sleep.

16. Never over-pluck your eyebrows.

Actually my mother told me that if I ever ruined my eyebrows she would ruin me. But you get the point…same difference.

17. Waist Training can help anyone get a little curve.

I know there can be some stigma around this one but I was seriously a rectangle before waist training.

18. Everyone looks better after a little sun.

There’s no acne that can resist some Vitamin D. My mother always says it burns the pimples right off.

19. Learn to be self-sufficient.

Yes, it’s nice to get your hair and makeup done, but it’s YOUR face and YOUR hair. No one will know what works best for you besides YOU. So, learn to do your own hair and makeup.

Last but not least #20

The biggest beauty secret my mother ever taught me was that there is nothing more beautiful than a kind, loving, grateful & happy soul. You are alive. You are healthy. You have people who love you. And that is more than enough. Rejoice, laugh loudly and love yourself and others intensely because those stretch marks and laugh lines are part of what make you imperfectly breathtaking. And that’s pretty damn beautiful if you ask me.

I hope you enjoyed these beauty secrets my mother has been repeating to me since I turned 6. Let me know in the comments sections down below which one was your favorite or if there are any beauty secrets your mother always gave you growing up.

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  1. Adriani Rothman says:

    Lindas e linda matéria, amei cada foto e palavra.

    1. CelaVie says:

      Obrigada! Fico muito feliz que gostou <3

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