The Perfect Fit

No two women are the same. That is a fundamental truth. It doesn’t matter if it’s the exact same dress or pants size, it will look completely different depending on who wears it. Our bodies are works of art. Each curve and inch creating a fundamental difference that makes us just glorified snow flakes… (I know it’s cheesy but stay with me here) !

With a sum total height of 5 feet and 2 inches (Yes I’m tall enough to ride roller coasters btw) , I know all about ill-fitting clothing. Whether the legs are too long or the waist is too large, I take everything to my tried and true tailor at Nordstrom, Olga. From tailoring my Prom dress to an everyday hem on a pair of jeans, Olga makes sure that my clothing represent who I am by adjusting them to my individual measurements. That way my clothes fit ME, not just anyone else that happens to fit in the same size.

This is why it is sooooo important to find a tailor you trust. In order to have a closet you love, you must first make sure that the clothes actually fit you!!!! Good tailoring is the difference between your clothes wearing you and you rocking your clothes. 



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    Love it!!

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